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Our ice cream trike is packed with delicious handmade British dairy ice cream, guaranteed to keep your guests cool.


The luxurious ice cream is sourced from a local award winning dairy farm in the heart of the East Midlands, where it is handcrafted by the Brown family using the wholesome milk from their own herd of dairy cows. Not only do we supply you with what we consider to be the best ice cream we've ever tasted, we also bring along a selection of vegan friendly, dairy free ice cream, and even some ice lollies for anybody who doesn't fancy an ice cream, all included in the price!


Guests can choose to have their ice cream served in either a waffle cone, a wafer cone or a tub; we've got everybody covered! Finally, your guests can help themselves to some traditional toppings from our deluxe toppings table.


Did we mention, our ice cream trike is one of a few in the country with a sliding glass lid? This allows your guests to see exactly what we have on offer, like a mini ice cream parlour on a trike, and also offers a fantastic photo opportunity if you have a photographer at your event!

What's Included?

Everything to keep you and your guests cool on those hot summer days! When you book our ice cream trike, you get four flavours of handcrafted, locally sourced, luxury artisan ice creams and sorbets; a small selection of dairy free, vegan friendly ice cream; a small selection of ice lollies for anybody who doesn't fancy an ice cream; our toppings table and a member of staff to serve. Guests can choose to have the ice cream served in either a waffle cone, a wafer cone or a tub. We bring along enough ice cream for your guests to be able to enjoy two to three scoops each.


The only thing that we require from your venue is access to a standard power socket. Apart from that, we're self sufficient, we bring along all of the supplies needed, including our own hot water.

What Flavours Are Available?

We've got a mouth watering list to choose your four flavours of luxury artisan ice cream and sorbets from. Please note, some of the flavours are seasonal, and all flavours are subject to availability.

     Strawberries & Cream                     White Chocolate & Raspberry         Mint Choc Chip 

     Honeycomb Crunch                        Amaretto & Black Cherry                 Clotted Cream

     Salted Caramel & Butterscotch       Rum & Raisin                                  Devilishly Chocolate 

     Biscoff                                             Raspberry Rainbow                         Wild Fruit Sorbet

     Rhubarb Ripple                               Cookies & Cream                            Mango Sorbet

Remember, as well as the four flavours of luxury artisan ice cream, we also bring along a small selection of dairy free ice cream and some ice lollies.

Can I Personalise The Trike?

Absolutely! We've got three ways to add a personal touch to the ice cream trike. Firstly, we can change the vintage number plates that are on the front and side of the trike. As well as our generic "ICETRIKE" plate, we've got plates for specific events such as "JU5T WED" and "B1RTHDAY". We can also provide custom made personalised plates just for your event, which you get to keep afterwards.

Secondly, we can provide a custom made printed magnet for the ice cream freezer on the trike, allowing you to completely transform the trike to suit your needs. This is particularly popular at corporate exhibitions, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Thirdly, we have two beautiful trikes for you to chose from. So whether you want to go for the 'Modern' Looking vintage ice cream trike in Royal Blue or a Traditional 1940's Style Retro tricycle. We have the Tricycles to caterer for you all.

Finally, we can also provide personalised ice creams wafers! these make the perfect ice cream topping, that tastes great too!

personalised wafers.jpg
personalised wafer 2.jpg
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